By Jocelyn Gallardo and Grace Miller

As an eighth grader, there are many obligations to be a role-model for the seventh graders. As a seventh grader you are obligated to be a role-model for the new sixth graders coming to our school. Being a leader takes courage and responsibility. Volunteering to have a student shadow you shows you care for your education and school.

Having a fifth or sixth grader shadow a student is a wonderful experience. It is fun to act like an adult, and showing off the school and how great it is. Getting to show them things like electives, how the school runs, and what’s expected of each and every student as a member of the school is a wonderful experience.

7th and 8th graders had the opportunity to sign up to be shadowed by a  fifth or sixth grader from either their own school or another. As the students showing the sixth grader around, you had to go to the office at around 8:10 am to pick them up. They got a visitors sticker and followed the student around for the rest of the day until the lunch. Then the student would leave them back to the office where their parent or guardian would be there to pick the up.

In order to be involved with what students are doing instead of just sitting around, they are given some of the worksheets the student is doing and even homework. This gives them the opportunity to interact with others and get a better understanding on what goes on at our school. In doing this you are able to help them and explain to them more of what they need to do. Students also get to introduce them to some of the students friends and show them how to navigate themselves around the school campus, too.

Having a student shadow is a fun experience where you get to interact with other sixth graders, and is definitely worth signing up for. Sign up before it’s too late as shadows will end on February 10. Thanks!

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