Condors Spell Their Way To The County Bee!


By Charlie Hess

Congratulations to Aidan Pomerantz and Hailey Zheng for making it through the 2nd phase of the spelling bee and making it to the finals representing SBJH at the county spelling bee.

The spelling bee for students grades 7-9 takes place on Thursday, February 25th at the Santa Barbara County Education Office Auditorium. Junior high students are required to show up at the office at 1:00, as the event starts at 1:30. For students who are competing, they are allowed to bring 1 or 2 adults.

Once the contestants are there they will compete by doing their best to write down the correct spelling of the word said out loud. They only have 20 seconds to do so, each contestant has 3 chances to spell a word wrong. After they use their 3 chances, they are eliminated from the competition. Resources and materials, such as a pencil, are provided by the office. Lastly, if a contestant comes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place they will receive a trophy. 1st place winner is awarded a check up to $350 and an opportunity to go to the state spelling bee.
  The journalism staff sends good luck to our SBJHS representatives!

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