SBIFF Virtuosos Awards!


By Grace Miller

On Saturday, February 6, the Virtuosos Awards was held at the Arlington Theater for the Santa Barbara’s 31st International Film Festival. This award was honoring seven phenomenal actors and actresses of all ages.

This group included Elizabeth Banks, Paul Dano, Joel Edgerton, O’Shae Jackson Jr., Géza Röhrig, Jacob Tremblay, and Alicia Vikander. Jacob Tremblay was the youngest, at the age of nine, and was absolutely the cutest. Dave Carter was the host of the event and interviewed each actor. As each actor was called up to the stage a preview of the movie(s) they were being awarded for was shown. The actors answered questions from the host and talked about the movie(s) they have been in from the past year.

Elizabeth Banks talked about the movies Love and Mercy, Pitch Perfect 2, and the new Hunger Games movie she was in. She talked about directing and acting in movies, and she also wore the most stunning red dress! Paul Dano was in the movie Love and Mercy. He talked about how it was to portray a real person. He was saying how he got to sing in this movie and how this was really his first time singing in a movie. Joel Edgerton was not actually there. They had made a pre interview and it was shown on the big screen. He was awarded for acting in the movie Black Mass. Géza Röhrig was next; he is a fairly new actor. This was his second movie so far. He was awarded for being in the movie Son of Saul. He has an accent, and is from Budapest, Hungary. Jacob Tremblay is the cutest out of them all. He was awarded for acting in the movie Room with Brie Larson. All of his answers were so cute, and he knew exactly what he was talking about. He acted as if he was an adult and had a fun time on the stage. The final actress awarded was Alicia Vikander. She was in two movies and was awarded for both. Which included These included The Danish Girl and Ex Machina. She also has an accent, and is from Gothenburg, Sweden. She wore a very cute flowy purple crop-top, and flowy purple pants.

The Virtuosos Award event was an outstanding event, it was held in the beautiful Arlington Theater, and hosted seven fabulous actors and actresses. Overall, this event was sure special and I hope to go again in the years to come.

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