What To Do If YOu Don’t Have A Valentine


by Zoey Ramirez

Valentine’s Day is coming up and sadly not everyone has a Valentine this year. If you are one of those people here are a few things to do.

Ask a close friend to be your Valentine.

Spending Valentines Day with a close friend(s) is amazing. With a friend(s) you don’t have to worry about looking “cute” for your Valentine plus making memories with your friends is always great.

Order yourself some pizza.

Eat all you want the whole day, it’s a great thing to do. At certain pizza places the pizza is made into a heart shape. You can also watch your favorite show by yourself, or with family

Go outside.

Instead of staying inside all day watching movies go outside with your friends/family, such as state street, or even go exploring somewhere on a hike.

Remember that without a Valentine doesn’t mean you aren’t very much loved.

Have a great Valentines Day with or without a Valentine!

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