Outstanding Performers of the Year


A Red Carpet Event   By Joy Patterson

Attending the Red Carpet event for the Outstanding Performers of the Year award ceremony for the 2016 Santa Barbara International Film Festival was a new and exciting experience. Grace Miller, Jocelyn Gallardo, and I all attended the event with Mr. Shelton.

After organizing ourselves at the nearby Starbucks, the four of us walked over to the Arlington theater just after 6:00. We were among the earliest to arrive, the first press for sure. Mr. Shelton took his place so that he could take pictures, and we took our own positions hugging the rail of the Red Carpet. The three of us were freaking out and frantically trying to prepare ourselves in our star struck haze as another student press came to the red carpet with three pages of questions and microphones. All Mr. Shelton told us was “Hurry up and wait.”

IMG_5821We found out what he meant after an hour and a half of waiting. At that point the owner of a blog called Fashion Tuna, Tate Sutton, came out and got her picture taken. We pulled her over and asked her a few questions about her blog, which was quite an experience because we knew absolutely nothing about her. It was an excellent opportunity to test out our equipment and learn a bit about Improvisation.

Finally, after two hours, Saoirse Ronan pulled up in a black SUV. She climbed out and immediately was pulled over to have a professional interview. After what seemed like forever, Saoirse finished the interview and walked down to the red carpet. The second she stepped onto the carpet, the sound camera shutters filled the air and flashes lit up the star’s form. After a minute or two, Saoirse turned to walk down the carpet. The three of us immediately started to call to her, trying desperately to getIMG_5859 the interview that we came for. She stepped past us. Then, Mr. Shelton’s voice rode over the sound of the cameras calm as ever. “Saoirse, just one question!”
Immediately, the three of us jumped into action. We knew that it wouldn’t be just one question and we managed to get about two minutes with her before her handler pulled her away, but we were not quite finished with her. We followed her as she walked down the carpet, recording other interview on our phones to add to our material. Then it was over. 2 hours of waiting for 5 minutes of action, and it was still an incredible experience all the same.

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