An Interview With Saoirse Ronan


By Jocelyn Gallardo, Grace Miller, and Joy Patterson


On February 8th, at the Arlington Theater, the Outstanding Performers of the Year red carpet took place for the International Santa Barbara Film Festival (SBIFF).The performers being honored were Brie Larson and Saoirse (pronounced Sur-shuh) Ronan. Sadly, Brie was unable to make it, but we were able to interview Saoirse.

Ronan is an Irish actress who was being awarded for her outstanding performance in her new film, Brooklyn, which is about an Irish immigrant who moved to Brooklyn. Saoirse was nominated for an Oscar Award at the age of thirteen, accelerating her career very early.

As an Irish actress playing an Irish part, we asked Saoirse about her experience in Brooklyn. Immediately, she said that it was important that “I didn’t mess it up.” She wanted to make sure that she did not let anyone down at home, which might have accounted for her excellent performance. Also, Saoirse told us that it was the first film that she had made in Ireland playing an Irish character. To film the movie, she got to go back to a town close to where she grew up, seeing many familiar faces.  “To make a film there was… really surreal to me.” That pretty much said it all.

When we asked Ronan about how starting her career as an actress early in her life affected her, her response had many parts. She told us that starting early helped her future, saying that if a person knows what they want to do when their younger, it is important to hold onto that. Just like how the Journalism staff likes to write, she loves to act. Ronan stressed the importance not to let things outside influence yourself too much and explained how her supportive base of family and friends that were there when she needed them helped her throughout her life. When consulted about how her early career specifically affected her schooling, she explained how difficult it was to juggle both. “It’s hard to work and act and then go back and do … Venn diagrams or trigonometry.” Although, she does enjoy acting.

Saoirse Ronan is an amazing actress, appearing in countless films and has won the title of Outstanding Performer of the Year.

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