Career Day


by Hana Ulep

Career Day took place here at Santa Barbara Junior High School on February 26th. Many people came to share information and thoughts about their career, and to inspire the junior high students to pursue a career that will make them happy. Each career was unique and inspired the students, and they made it clear that it was crucial to find something that the person is interested in.

Throughout periods 2, 3, and 4, the workers came into the student’s classes. There was a huge variety of careers featured, all the workers clearly found great joy in and were genuinely happy to share their experiences with a younger generation. There was a park ranger, lawyer, probation officer, environmental council person, sales manager in air conditioning, firefighter, self-employed architect, writer, realtor, human resources manager, surveyor, teacher, EMT, consultant, construction worker, chief building official, and many more. The diversity of careers that came to our school was incredible, showing that there are no shortage of possibilities to choose from.

I asked my journalism class about their experience at Career Day. “It was very instructive and encouraging. The people really emphasized choosing something that makes you happy, which is very positive,” 8th grader Isabella Macioce commented. Joy Patterson also had a positive outlook on Career Day. “I thought it was fun. I liked how much they encouraged questions and I liked the variety of people that came. I did construction which was interesting because it was hands-on.” Lastly, Sam Torres shares his thoughts. “They told you that no matter what people say, you can be whatever you want.” It was clear that everyone had a good time learning about the infinite options for a career, and the representatives made sure to tell the students that they can do anything they set their mind to. They also shared with us that there’s no set time for when we have to have our career decided, and that it takes as long as we need to sort out what we want to do. They said that we don’t have to pursue the career that we have wanted as a kid either, and we can also change our career in the future even if we have already gone in a certain direction. They all followed the same theme that the most important thing is to do whatever it is that makes us happy.

Overall, Career Day was a success and the students learned so much about what they could do when they’re older. It’s a great way for the younger people to get a taste of what a career is actually like, and hear about it from someone who has been immersed in that career for most of their life. The workers gave the students great advice that they can hold onto no matter what career they land in. Career Day is a positive experience that gets younger people excited for the future and anything that comes their way.

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