Honor Band!


By Joy Patterson

The Condors have all have had experiences with the Honor Band, whether they know people who are involved, have seen the empty desks of musicians, or are in it themselves. The Honor Band is a collection of students from all the different schools in the district who have shown exceptional skills with their instrument. Representing SBJHS were Cinthya Alva Pablo, Fhernanda Del Toro Arroyo, MJ Bailey, Simon Blondell, Dario Alonso Cordero, Coraline Crannell, Alice Gipe, Ahrlenny Hernandez, Jose Jolalpa, Karen Jimenez Lazcano, David Lopez, Bryan Maxwell, Coleman Mortenson, Jackson Olbrish, Ethan Pacheco, Joshua Park

Isaias Pineda, Chris Sellers, Melany Nunez Soto. Finally, all of their hard work has paid off.

On February 25, starting at 7:00, the Honor Band concert was held in the Marjorie Luke Theater. The performance was started by a few words from Mrs Dutton (SBJHS’s music teacher). Then the elementary school Honor Band took the floor, playing Autumn Fanfare and Some Nights, as well as Twist and Stomp. These pieces were conducted by Mrs. Dutton and Nancy Mathison (the co-director of Bravo).

Then the junior high Honor Band played. The junior high Honor Band was lead by a guest, Vincent Womack. Womack works in urban Los Angeles teaching music to K-12 kids. He is very active in the musical world. The band played Shackleford Banks, Celebration and Dance, Dreamscape, and Highlights from the Star Wars Saga.

The junior high students filed off the stage and the high schoolers took their place. This group was smaller than the other two, but their skills were exceptional. The two pieces the high school honor band played were Raiders March (the well known song from Indiana Jones) and American Faces. Both of these songs were conducted by Michael Gangami, the second guest conductor.

The Honor Band concert was an amazing performance and was an amazing opportunity for everyone that attended.

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