Career day from a Student’s perspective


By Olivia McCafferty-Cable

Career Day was a big event held at SBJH on February 26 for volunteers around the community to come in and talk to students about their careers. During first period on Career Day, everyone was given a “passport,” which was a little packet where we wrote down what we learned and what we found interesting about the career fields we were going to be spoken to about. We came up with appropriate questions to ask the presenters. Everyone sat in anticipation because we did not know what kinds of people we were going to meet.

Throughout the next three periods, each class got one or two volunteer speakers. The first two people I saw were a woman named Ielaf Altoma, who works with the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara as a Program Advisor, and a man named Lee Moldaver who works with HB Associates in New-Product Development. They both came prepared with stories and positive attitudes. The next two volunteers in my third period class were a retired Land Surveyor named Kenny Hughes, and a retired Elementary School Teacher named Wendy Varian. They both seemed very proud of their jobs and shared their experiences to the class excitedly. Angeli Mancuso, the manager of Employee Health and Safety at Cottage Hospital, and Kaylyn Scott, who is a Human Resources Manager, were the last two visitors to come to my fourth period class. Each career I learned about was just as fascinating as the people that had shared about them. I enjoyed how much of a variety there was with the jobs.


After hearing from the visitors, we filled out a couple of papers. One of them had a number of activities listed and we marked them with an “X” if there was something we wanted to do in the future. The activities were grouped so that the most marked with an X would tell us which career field would be good for us to choose. Another paper we received taught the students about resumes and how to fill them out. It gave us an idea of how we would do it as an adult and what kinds of things we would need to do to get ready for that.

Overall, I really enjoyed Career Day. It was a great learning experience and it really got me thinking about the future. Every person had a unique job that was special to them, and it was clear that they love what they’re doing. I’m so grateful to have gotten to experience this and I can’t wait to find out what career will eventually suit me.

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