Passageway Now Open!


By Coraline Crannell

In case you have not yet noticed, the passageway between the quad and P.E. locker rooms has finally, after one and a half years of construction, been reopened.

When the school replaced the pavement next to the P.E. Locker Rooms, they did not just find dirt underneath it. Instead, they found an abandoned fuel storage tank hiding in the ground. Now that everything is fixed, it has been reopened, greatly helping students and staff when maneuvering around campus.

As Mr. Garcia stated, “The reopening of the passageway has already and will continue to be extremely helpful in reducing congestion in the quad and art room areas, especially at lunch and when students return to inside for period five.”

Emma Zavala, an eighth grade student, expresses her satisfaction with the new shortcut. “It is so much faster for me to get to and from P.E. It is also really helpful for me when I go to lunch and back because I no longer have to go all the way around next to the art room where it is often crowded due to all of the students in the lunch line.” Sam Torres, a seventh grader, agrees saying, “It is much faster to get around during lunch and from the quad to the restrooms.”

Several other students enthusiastically agree with these words. As you can see, we are all very happy to have this convenience open again.

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