What Happened To Renaissance Faire?

By Kristen Sell

As students at SBJH have probably been informed, Renaissance Faire will not be happening this year. In an interview with Mr. Garcia, he was informative as to why this celebration, loved by many, will not take place.


“Teachers aren’t paid extra to throw events similar to the Renaissance Faire, and since no one has volunteered to run the Renaissance Faire- out of their own income, there won’t be a Renaissance Faire this year. Also, with so many other things going on this year, we don’t have time to invest in planning out the Renaissance Faire. We wouldn’t want it to be halfway- we would want it to be a fully successful event,” replied Mr. Garcia.

I also asked him if anyone had proposed a replacement idea for the Renaissance Faire- but wouldn’t require as much effort and planning.

Mr. Garcia said, “Currently, no students have proposed an idea for an event in place of the Renaissance Faire. I am open to any student suggestions.”

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