Academic Update


by Charlie Hess

Seventh and eighth graders have been doing a lot of various projects, so we are checking in with teachers and students to give a heads up and an idea of what is happening now and next in their classes

I interviewed seventh grade students about their classes. Math, both 7 and 7 support classes are working in the 3.0 areas with percentages, rates, ratios, and working out problems with tax and money. 7E classes are working in the 4.0s with consensus’, surveys, and different types of plots. 7th grade compaction class is working out different types of geometry and measuring of figures etc, they are also close to finishing the 7th grade material. In 8th grade, the College Prep (CP) and support classes are working on chapter 4, graphing and using rules. 8th grade Enrichment classes are working on graphing and algebraic equations. Lastly, in the 8th grade compaction class, they are learning 9th grade data analysis.

In science, the 8th grade honors class is working on various things such as chemistry and physics by doing a small science project. CP classes are working on chemistry labs as well. Then in the 7th grade, the honors class, they are working on various things such as fossils, heredity, and the study of prehistoric time. Lastly, in the 7 CP class, they are also working on fossils.

Next, in the 7th grade English classes they are reading various different books. In English 7 they are reading a book from the Shadow Children series : Among the Hidden. In the English 7 Honors class, they are reading the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor . Honors classes are currently working on conjunctions. 8th grade English CP and 3D classes are working on multiple things such as essays called the CFAs with 3 topics for them to write about. They are also working on reading a book called the Pearl. Lastly, in the 8th grade honors class, they just finished doing their CFAs, with three different argumentative topics to write about.

In history, most classes are learning about the religion of Islam and the life and death of Muhammad. 8th grade honors classes are learning about Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea and York. The CP classes are completing things on the Louisiana Bridge and Manifest destiny.

Lastly, in PE, all classes are working their 3 week sport units. In Brennand, they are working on badminton. Gover’s class is working on frisbee, and Garcia is completing basketball. Knecht just started working on soccer. Besides the sports units, they are also prepping about the fitness tests coming up soon.

th-76.jpgIn conclusion, all classes are successfully making their way through the year by learning new things from their teachers and peers.

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