Hoops For Hearts Preview

thBy Jocelyn Gallardo


Next week, Santa Barbara Junior High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) program will be participating in a special event called Hoops For Heart. This event is promoted by the American Heart Association in hopes of promoting healthy hearts, by running a series of fun contests.

American Heart Association is a group of people that raises money for kids with heart problems. There goal is to promote healthy lifestyles and exercise in order to prevent kids from getting said heart problems like…. In order to help this great cause SBJHS going to participate in this event. The event’s will take place from March 14th to the 18th during lunch.

The first event will be musical chairs on the basketball courts. This won’t be an ordinary musical chairs game. To put a spin on things, there will be a basketball theme to the game. It is also recommended to wear red to support the American Heart Association. On Tuesday, Zumba, an exercise that mixes dance with yoga will take place. This will be held on the blacktop near the basketball courts. Then, on Wednesday, there will be a hula hoop contest, also on the blacktop near the basketball courts. On Thursday, there will be relay races, the location is still to be determined. Finally, on Friday, the last contest will be a student vs. staff basketball game. For anyone who has been to a past student vs. staff game, it is known that the students have won every single time this year. Go out there and help as add another win, and don’t let the staff steal our glory!

As a student, I encourage you to go out there and represent our school in this event. Go Condors!

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