Hoops 4 Heart Monday Update

by Coraline Crannell

Today at lunch students and teachers alike had a great time running around the basketball courts playing and getting their hearts pumping, playing the game of the day, Musical Shots.

A spinoff of the fun game musical chairs, this version involved music blasting and running around, however it was slightly different. Students arranged themselves into two lines behind the basketball hoop and the game began by players running up and shooting layup shots, or simply trying for a basket if less experienced. After one shot, they passed the ball to the next player in lined and went back to the end. Meanwhile, fun, energetic was loudly playing in the background. When it was stopped however, players had to run as fast as they could to the center of the court, where several chairs were arranged in a circle. Players who were able scramble and get into a seat went back into their lines, and the pattern repeated, this time with a few less chairs.


Even if players were eliminated early on, the two rounds held were extremely entertaining to watch, as players became more competitive as more and more people got eliminated. Students sprinted, neck and neck, in an attempt to reach a chair before their friend next to them. Chairs got thrown backwards with players in them as participants ran and scrambled as fast as they could to jump into chairs, and even more players looked up suprised as others accidentally fell into their laps. Students jumped over chairs scrambling to get that one left as others pulled it away. It was fun, and by the end of lunch two rounds had been completed with two seventh grade winners.


Everyone had a super fun time outside on the basketball courts getting their bodies moving and hearts pumping today. If you were unable to play today, please come out tomorrow for more fun, and Zumba!

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