Hoops For Hearts Hula Hoop Update


By Coraline Crannell

Today we had another great time moving around and getting our hearts pumping, this time in the form of hula hooping. Several contests took place that were all extremely fun to participate in or watch as students and teachers alike tried to do this activity that most had not done for many years.

Participants hula hooped and friends showed each other their tricks. Several students showed showed remarkable skill and were able to continue hooping longer than everyone else, including Breanna Tapia, Aria Jimenez, MJ Bailey, Adrien Lape-Hoyle, and Coraline Crannell. Even those that could not continue quite as long agreed that they had great time.

“It was really fun to see everyone out and having fun,” says Emma Zavala, an eighth grader who stopped by to watch the contest from the sidelines. “Most students hadn’t hula hooped for a really long time, including myself, so it was really funny and entertaining to do and watch others struggle in vain to keep the hoop on their hips, but laughing nonetheless,” says Joy Patterson, a student who hula hooped and spectated for a round.

Everyone really enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Come out to the courts tomorrow for more fun doing relay races!

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