Hoops for Heart Relay Races Update

by Coraline Crannell

Out on the basketball courts today students had yet again more fun running around with a basketball and pumping their hearts. Today’s activity was relay races, and students had so much fun racing their friends to complete the obstacles that had been set in their path. Participants began with a basketball in their hands at the end of the court and a friend at the other side with their own identical course before them to complete in an attempt to beat their friend. Before them were multiple obstacles that they had to get around, the first several cones to run and dribble around, next they had to hula hoop to jump in with the basketball, then they had a baseball bat that they had to place their head and spin around on three times, then they had to shoot a basket and run all the way back down the court and shoot the other basket.


Friends competed with each other and the winner won a cool whistle on a bone patterned lanyard. So many friends had so much fun competing against each other and everyone had a great time. “The Relay Races looked like a really fun way to get students to be active while having fun with their friends,” says Hailey Zheng, a student who was watching and taking pictures of the races.

Everyone had so much fun and we hope you can be out tomorrow in the Staff vs. Students Basketball Games, where a tiebreaker for the Staff vs. Students games will take place!


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