Staff vs. Students Basketball Game

by Coraline Crannell

Today we had another Staff vs. Students game, this one also a tiebreaker for the leading group so far this year. In the first game of dodgeball, teachers prevailed, but in the second game of soccer, students were the winners. This game would determine the leading group so far for this year, and it was teachers.


It was a heated game, with teachers and students sprinting down the court, making quick passes, and jumping up in an attempt to get some baskets. Several students played really well, and so did the teachers, with some doing especially well; including Ms. Ricter, who really helped her team with her skills from when she played in college and made multiple baskets. “The game was really great and fun to watch and had some very big competition,” says Charlie Hess, a student who was able to watch the game. “I loved watching students and staff have so much fun together,” says Ms. Melnick, a student teacher who came and watched some of her mentors play.


The game went so fast that nobody was able to count an exact score, however teachers did win, by at least six points, or even up to thirty as some participants claim.



Congratulations to the staff!

Overall, this was a really great game that was super fun to participate and watch in, and a wonderful end to this awesome week of fun, games, and moving around to get our hearts pumping for Hoops for Heart. Students better get their game on, however, and practice so that they might win the next Staff vs. Student game.

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