Rules Of Comedy Review!


By Jocelyn Gallardo & Joy Patterson

“…We are going to take the most famous tragic scene in all of literature, the final scene of Hamlet, and inject into it, like an illegal performance enhancing drug,.. THE RULES OF COMEDY!”

On Friday & Saturday of April, at 7pm, our school’s fantastic theater group put together a play entitled The Rules of Comedy. Cast and directed by our very own teacher Mr. Lashua comes a performance full of evil laughter, betrayal, and, most importantly, comedy.

It opens up with two of our very own students informing us on the importance and purpose of comedy, as well as demonstrating the basic outline of this is art… The Rules Of Comedy! This is seen in the form of ‘The Funny List,’ or a masterful collection of all things funny (including the wonders of cream pies, stunt doubles, and running jokes). Then, to strengthen our understanding of comedy, they take us through the last scene of the tragic, famous play Hamlet by Shakespeare. After giving us the very serious more accurate version of the play, they then take a step back and perform it for us again, but this time adding the rules of comedy.

Two Journalism staff members, seventh graders Grace (Queen Gertrude) and Olivia (filling in a number of great roles), were actresses in the play and gave us a quick interview about the performance.

When consulted on their opinion of funniest aspects of The Rules Of Comedy responding in agreement.

CondorPress: What was your favorite part of the play?

Grace and Olivia: “My favorite scene of the show was the third scene which is where we use ‘The Rules Of Comedy’ to remake the tragic final scene of Hamlet. It had the most action in it, and it had a lot of moments where the whole cast joined together. Since it was the end of the play, I think everyone had the most energy by then and we all felt proud of what we got to show to an audience after a lot of hard work.”

CondorPress: How much of the of the play was planned and how much of it was improvising?

Grace and Olivia: “The part when Claudius pulled a volunteer up on stage was improvised. We had an idea of how it might go, but it was exciting to get to see the real thing happen with someone who had no idea what was going to happen. The Barbie scene could have been improvised, but we had been mostly sticking to the same thing throughout rehearsal and the performance. Other than that, there were only a few minor parts that were quickly changed and easily recovered from in the play.”

Overall, this performance was a great one and was definitely worth watching. A special shoutout to Mr. Lashua and all of the cast who put in an extra effort to make this performance really special for everyone who came to watch. See you at the next play!

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