Pencil Dispenser!


By Joy Patterson

Pencils are among the most frequently lost items on the school campus. Many people just cannot keep these writing utensils in their backpack. Almost everyone has had to ask a friend for a pencil at one point or another.

Apparently, this has been a problem farther back than our time, because a convenient machine was placed in the main office. The pencil dispenser! If a student found themselves in a tight spot involving a missing pencil, all they need to do is pop down to the office with a dime. The machine is a convenience provided for the students, and the pencils are fun and colorful!

But where did the pencil dispenser come? For that, Mr. Garcia provided the answers.

As a student, Mr. Garcia did not remember this machine. The dispenser was found two years ago, buried in a closet. It was broken at the time, so Mrs. Glenn, a math teacher at SBJHS, took it home and her husband fixed it. It is now stocked by Ms. DeLaCruz, the office manager.

Mr. Garcia sums this fun and unique service to the students up best: “This is an old school, built in 1932, so why not have an old machine dispense pencils?”

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