Going to High School


by Emma Zavala

The end of the year is crawling up on us quicker than we think and eighth graders have some big things to think about. Eighth graders will be going on to high school which may scare some, but others can’t wait for it. Some dread the fact that they’re going to be the little fish in a big pond again, and others love the fact that they can start over. High school is a chance to make those friends that you’ll have for life and to learn skills that you may not help you now but will help you in the long run.

High school requires that you play a sport or do a PE class for at least two years. Sports are great to get into because they build teamwork abilities and you get exercise in a fun, competitive way. Some people may choose to continue with sports even after they finish their two year requirement.

The high schools here in Santa Barbara are great because they offer a variety of special programs and academies within their schools. Dos Pueblos has the Engineering Academy and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. San Marcos has their Nursing Program and Santa Barbara High has their Multimedia Arts and Design Academy, the Visual Arts and Design Academy, and the Computer Science Program. All of these programs are great ways to find smaller communities within such big schools.

High school may seem big and scary but it’s important to know that everyone else is just as clueless and scared as you are at the beginning.

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