Hair Review


by Emma Zavala

This past weekend was the closing weekend for Santa Barbara High School’s spring musical Hair. Hair, which debuted in 1967, exposed what was the country experiencing during the late sixties, especially the “hippie” movement. It shows the struggle that people had between a life in peace, escaping the world from the war, and going to war in Vietnam to protect and defend the United States. Claude, the main character, is troubled with the decision to stay with his “tribe” or go to war for his country. The high school’s rendition of this issue-raising show was beautifully done.

The show itself has powerful symbolism that the audience can connect with. Hubert, a character who wears a clown nose, is there to show that the older generation of that time were “out of the loop” and were clownish in the sense that they didn’t understand what the new generation was feeling.

Santa Barbara High School’s theater program is filled with very strong actors, singers, and dancers, so it seemed as though the audience was actually experiencing what the actors were. The final scene, which shows people being wrapped in American flags as if being put in a coffin, raised many questions about what the government was actually doing to people at that time.

From start to finish, Santa Barbara High School’s performance of Hair was excellently executed to show the utopian ideal and dystopian reality of people’s decisions in the late 1960’s. From the acting, singing, dancing, technology, costumes, makeup, and yes, hair, this show was put together wonderfully and was enjoyable for all who saw it.

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