Fiesta Dance Preview!


By Coraline Crannell
This coming Friday, May 13th, our school will be having a Fiesta Dance from 2:30 p.m.  to 4:00 p.m. . As the last dance with both grades of the school of the year (eighth graders will be having a graduation dance), this will be an awesome way to earn/have some last fun memories of Junior High! To add to this fun time, there will be a special photo booth where students can get a special picture of themselves with some friends encased in a mini frame. A DJ will also be there, mixing up some awesome songs for everyone to dance to! And that’s not all, there will also be snacks provided by the PTSA (Make sure to thank them!) to munch on outside for a dance break.

This will be an incredible way to create some wonderful, lasting memories of Junior High, so make sure that you take advantage of this opportunity and go! Tickets are only $3.00 Monday through Thursday in the quad. On Friday, the day of the dance they will be sold for $5.00. For those of you with seventh period who might be deterred from going because you will be missing the first half, you need not worry, as it will be awesome the whole way through! Furthermore, discounts may be available as you will only be going to the second half (talk to people selling tickets for more information).

Make sure you don’t forget to bring your money and go to the quad at lunch to buy your tickets! This will truly be a really fun event, and I strongly suggest going!

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