Instagram Update Opinions


by Hailey Zheng

Almost every junior high student with a smartphone, tablet, or iPod uses Instagram, a strictly photo-sharing form of social media. On May 11, 2016, Instagram released an update that is spurring controversy with its users.

Instagram wanted to make it easier for people to see photos by removing color for a more muted backdrop. Instagram updates fairly often, usually changing the look or adding a function, but some are saying that this update has changed too much too soon. The update completely changed the classic icon from a vintage camera to a colorful blend with an icon resembling a camera. It also changed the layout of the app, removing all of the signature dark blue and replacing it with white. Many people despise this new layout, and users are complaining.


The new Instagram logo (as of 2016).

“The Instagram update looks cheap. Now, it looks like every other app, whereas before, it was original,” stated unhappy Instagram user Haley Yahyavi.

That’s true– almost every other social media app has stripped itself of diversity and has been reduced to a white, simple, minimalist interface. Instagram had not yet transitioned, but it has now transformed into the rest of them.

Other students voiced their opinions on the app icon.



The older Instagram Logo (2010-2015).

The new logo is a big change for some, and is definitely something people have to get used  to when navigating the apps on their phone and trying to find Instagram.

“It is a step down from the otherwise complex and original, unique, logo. It looks like a 5-year-old designed it,” critiqued Bella Macioce.

In addition to the Instagram app, all of the apps that the creators of Instagram have produced have also been renovated to match this new look. Boomerang, used to make short, looping videos, Hyperlapse, used to make time lapse videos, and Layout, used for making photo collages, were all affected.


Although there are many complaints, some people are siding with Instagram’s change.

“I don’t think the update is that bad. All they did was change some of the colors,” said Kieli Auchstetter.

There has been no word on whether or not Instagram will change anything back, but most of their users are definitely unhappy with the change.

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