9 to 5 Review!


by Emma Zavala

Last Thursday, May 5th, was San Marcos High School’s opening night for their show 9 to 5. This outstanding performance, originally written by Dolly Parton, is about three women who kidnap their boss and start running their office. This comedy discusses issues that are still relevant such as the wage gap and women’s rights. San Marcos put on this show on a fun, lighthearted way, while still keeping its message.

Directed by Riley Berris, this show was much different from the fall show, which was a much mores omber show. This comedy takes place in the 1970’s and features three strong female leads. All three of these leads, with very different personalities that grab the audience, work in kahoots to hide the fact that they poisoned and almost killed their sexist, egotistical boss. In the process of hiding their crime, they take over the office and completely turn it around. Eventually they get enough evidence to fire the boss for embezzlement, take over the office for good, and not be caught for the kidnapping of the boss. All three leads have their own quirks and backstories, whether it be trying to handle a divorce or not getting a promotion for the last fifteen years, and the only reason being that they were a woman. All of these women learn to find themselves and not let themselves give into the man’s world.

Every role in this show was portrayed by outstanding actors and actresses who fit their characters perfectly. With such a dancy, musical show, there was a lot of choreography to be done and Jessica Hambright, the choreographer, hit the nail right on the head. Along with the choreography, the vocals were very strong and enjoyable to listen to.

Over all, this show captured the audience with its amazing dancing, witty humor, and that Dolly Parton flare. San Marcos High School’s rendition of 9 to 5 was fun for all, and a great way to spend an evening.

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