WEB Leaders Information



Our current group of WEB leaders (2015-2016)!

By Jocelyn Gallardo and Joy Patterson

Transitioning into a new school can be difficult, and it’s always nice to have some friends who know what to expect and have your back. This is the whole reason that our school has WEB leaders.

WEB is an acronym for Where Everyone Belongs. The 57 8th graders known as WEB leaders are students who were teacher nominated the previous year to help the incoming 7th graders ease into junior high. The WEB leader’s jobs are to help incoming students make the transition into junior high. Throughout the school year, WEB leaders are supposed to help a small group of 7th grade students and answer any questions they have, in other words, be their friend.

In order to become a WEB leader, all the interested 7th grade students have to go to a meeting (as a 7th grader) to receive an application. Once the application was filled out and turned into Mr. Fredeen (who runs and organizes all things related to WEB) they go to an orientation a few days before school starts to get even more information on what is expected of them as the new WEB leaders. If they do not turn in the application, or are not able to go to the orientation, they won’t be able to become WEB leaders.

All of this training leads to a fun day for incoming 7th graders on the second day of school. Known as WEB day, this fun event allows the new students (as well as the the WEB leaders) to connect with their peers.

Being a WEB leader is a fun opportunity to exercise leadership abilities and have a good time with friends.  This year the WEB leader application is due by May 20 in order to become a WEB leader. So, to all of those 7th graders who are interested, go out there and become a WEB leader in order to help all of the new clueless and confused sevvies!

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