Letting Ana Go Book Review!


By Emily Krumholz

Recently I read Letting Ana Go, by an anonymous author. It was fiction but still very informative. The main idea of the book consists of a competitive runner who becomes obsessed with dieting and eventually becomes anorexic. Her mother is overweight and her father left them after he cheated for months. This pushes the protagonist to diet because she doesn’t want her boyfriend Jack to leave her. Her mental illness is a significant factor in her life and is greatly affecting her running.

In the book the author never gives away the girl’s name, but I would assume her name is Ana. At the beginning, the girls friends question her eating and try to talk some sense into her. However, she won’t listen. She looks at her overweight mother and vows to never look like her. The characters in this book are so hard not to like, even when they do something wrong. You also really see the way a deprived body and mind changes someone’s attitude.  This book is so inspirational and I personally love how it shows the dangers of an eating disorder so well. It is extremely important for young girls and guys to be educated on this topic and the dangers it consists of, especially with society showing off stick thin girls. This gives so many young girls the impression that a bigger body is not as attractive as a smaller one.

My absolute favorite part of the book is when she finally gets help in the hospital and decides to get accept help from others around her. She starts eating again and not looking at the scale, she becomes inspired to be healthy. Although it has an unfortunate and grave ending, I thought it was a great book.

If you enjoyed the book Go Ask Alice, you will definitely enjoy Letting Ana Go. Also, if you enjoy books on mental illness you will enjoy this book. However this book can be very dark, so I would not recommend it for the lighthearted. This book is also not for 13 and under do to its level of maturity and minimal sexual content.

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