Renaissance Faire Review

By Grace Miller & Jocelyn Gallardo

On Friday May 20th, the annual Renaissance Faire was held on the front lawn of Santa Barbara Junior High School. It was well put together, and it included a variety of activities and booths to attend. The Renaissance Faire was an extraordinary experience to remember. It was a way to have fun with everything we have learned in History class throughout the school year.

This year, the Renaissance Faire was put together by Mr. Borden, Mrs. Shettler, and Ms. Pettit, instead of Mr. Zeledon, who has done it in past years. They made the Faire a great way to bring out the highlights of the Renaissance in a fun and interactive way.

There were many booths such as garlands, potions, henna tattoos, face painting, hair braiding, face painting, and prison. Each ticket costed 50 cents, unless they had been purchased earlier in the week in the quad at a cheaper price.

Some of the food served was barbecued chicken, ribs, salad, bread, drinks, and a variety of desserts. The food was incredible thanks to Mr. Fredeen’s amazing barbecue skills.

In order to help make this big production easier and more fun, any 7th or 8th graders who wanted to could help out with the booths. People even had the option to work at more than one booth.

Most importantly, all the students and teachers would like to send out a special thank you to all of the other staff that helped make this wonderful junior high experience possible. Some 8th graders commented that this year’s Renaissance Faire was even better than last year’s!

“I liked it even better than last year because I could let go of my responsibilities of running a booth and just get to enjoy it. It was also more well organized and much more put together than last year. The costumes were even better too,” 8th grader Isabella Macioce says.

“I loved it because all the teachers came together and pitched in all at the last minute and all the students came through, too,” explains 8th grade history teacher Mr. Borden.

One of the booths featured was garlands. During the day of the Faire, students gathered and actually made the garlands by hand. Many people who worked at the garland booth during the Faire also got hands on with making the garlands. The garlands were made with wire, tape, and flowers. They were so popular, they all sold out during the Fair.

Another fun booth was potions. The drinks were in a range of colors with a mix of gummy worms, soda, and food coloring. All the different “potions” we’re excellent. Even though, technically,  it was just soda and a gummy worm in a plastic cup, it didn’t seem to have any effect of how crazy all the students went for them.

In the prison booth, anyone who wanted to throw a friend, or teacher in jail could pay to a jailer and throw them in jail with tickets. Even Mr. Garcia could be thrown in for 20 tickets! The only way that a prisoner could get released from jail was by singing a song. Tons of students got thrown in, and some of the teachers that got jailed were Ms. Kristy, and a math teacher, Ms. Glenn. The best part was getting to see friends embarrassing themselves by singing songs.

Overall, the Renaissance Faire was an experience to remember and was definitely worth working at and attending. One last thank you to all the staff and students who helped out, and we speak for the entire student body when we say that we look forward to next year’s Renaissance Fair.

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