Spring Concert Review


By Joy Patterson

Last Thursday, May 26th, was the last concert for all of the music groups at Santa Barbara Junior High. This concert was organized and conducted by Mrs. Dutton, SBJHS’s music teacher. Also, some of the parents of the performers brought baked goods for a bake sale after the event. The first to perform was the choir, who sang a variety of songs including “Blue Skies” and “Brave”. The crowd really enjoyed the variety that was seen in the different songs that were performed. Next, Concert Band played many songs and finished with “Cartoon Symphony” (a hodgepodge of songs from classic cartoons such as Bugs Bunny). The Concert band included a musicians from the seventh period class as well as from the elective classes. After the Concert Band played, the Jazz Band performed four songs and finished with a highly advanced song called “Big Swing Face.” The talented group of performers from the Jazz Band won several awards throughout the course of the year even when performing alongside the High School Bands. Overall, the spring concert was a successful event and was fun for the audience and performers alike.

Eighth grader and performer at the Spring Concert, Coraline Crannell adds her opinion on the concert. “This was really a great last concert with a wonderful program of pieces and it was really fun for both players and audience members alike.”

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