Things Seventh Graders Can Look Forward To!


by Emma Zavala

As seventh graders get ready to move on to eighth grade, there are some things to look forward to in the midst of everything else going on. Eighth grade is a great time to ground yourself and make the connections that you will have for high school and the rest of your life. In eighth grade, there are many fun activities to participate in and are definitely worth attending.

Eighth grade science includes many fun labs and experiences, many more than seventh grade. The science fair may seem like an overwhelming amount of work and a stressful project, but if you plan your time right and make sure to choose something you’re interested in, it can be a great experience. Some lucky people will even get accepted into the county science fair and have a shot at making it up the ranks. The bottle rockets are also a fun lab to take part in. Focusing on aerodynamics, motion, and Newton’s Laws, this physics experiment challenges students to create a bottle rocket and parachute that will have the longest hang time in the air. This is a fun way to work in groups on designing and creating a rocket that will be the most aerodynamic.

English class for eighth graders has a lot of projects. Every quarter, there is something new to work on. The Transactional Reading Project focuses on the utopian ideals and dystopian realities of society. Each student reads a dystopian book of their choice and creates a project that will represent the theme of their book. The Following a Columnist project lets students analyze opinionated pieces of work that relate to current events. It’s a great way to learn up on what’s going on in the world and learn more about writing. Finally, the final for every honors English class is to put on a production of a scene from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This is a great way for students to learn about Shakespeare and the writing of his time. With many themes such as the labyrinth of love to the mysteries of life, performing this play is a hands-on way to cover them all.

The history department annually puts on their Civil War Day to touch on the events of the Civil War that eighth graders learn about. This day consists of special guests who teach us about the Civil War. The day ends with a showing of the movie Glory in the Marjorie Luke Theater. Civil War Day is a good interactive day to teach students about the Civil War.

Eighth grade is such a great time for students to really become themselves and have fun. There are so many events and assignments that don’t seem like school, but more like interesting projects. For all endeavors in eighth grade, make sure to take them seriously but also have lots of fun because this will be the time of your life!

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