I Madonnari Overview!

by Hailey Zheng

Over Memorial Day Weekend (May 28-30), murals in front of the mission were chalked into the ground by many artists. As with most big events in Santa Barbara, this drew (pun intended) international attention. The ground in front of the mission was beautifully colored and crowded with people trying to get a look at the murals. The artists worked all weekend and all through Monday on their beautiful pieces of art.

Some of these paintings were based on social issues, like the one titled “Sacred Love” by the artist Quentzel Reyes. The purpose was to show the expression of love between two separate cultures where it is forbidden.


Many murals featured animals, and there was a huge painting taking up six spots spreading the message of endangered or severely endangered species in North and South America. Many artists worked on this beautiful painting and it was admired by many people as they passed by.


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Some murals were from local elementary schools like Montessori and Open Alternative School.

Here’s a few of the wonderful art produced by talented artists this weekend:

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If you want to get a look at these beautiful paintings, they are never washed away and remain until the next year! Some chalk paintings from last year were visible before this year’s I Madonnari. If you want to see these amazing artists at work, the paintings change every year, so have a look next Memorial Day Weekend!

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