Throne Of Glass Book Review


By Talia Honikman

This year I was introduced by my friends to many wonderful books that I had never heard of. These books played a huge part in my eighth grade year. One of my favorites off of this list was a fantasy novel for young adults, inspired in part by Cinderella, called Throne of Glass.

Before the book being recommended to me, I hadn’t heard of it. I was reluctant to try it (too busy rereading Harry Potter, I suppose) but when I finally checked it out of the library and started reading, I was hooked. The book completely and totally lead up to the hype (and there was a lot of hype).

In Throne of Glass, Celaena Sardothien, an 18-year-old assassin in the kingdom of Adarlan, is imprisoned by the king. Upon being locked up, she accepts an offer to compete with other assassins and thieves in a glass castle for a chance to serve as the kingdom’s champion and be free after four more years. In the midst of this competition, she begins to form unexpected and complex bonds with Chaol, the captain of the royal guard, and Dorian, the crown prince of Adarlan. In the process of this competition, Celaena makes important discoveries about the kingdom, those leading it, and herself.

The writing in this book is clear, honest, and intriguing without being too intense. The emotions that the characters have, particularly Chaol’s shown emotions and Celaena’s feelings towards other characters, are relatable and understandable. The only criticism I have is that the storyline and some of the important backstory pieces could have been more developed. However, I’m pretty picky about these things. Either way, Throne of Glass is a fantastic book and is totally worth a read as well as deserving of way more publicity. Better yet, there are three books that follow it as well as a fifth book in the works coming out soon!

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