Pajama and Crazy Sock Day!

IMG_2646.JPGby Hailey Zheng

Today was the last Spirit Day at Santa Barbara Junior High School, Pajama Day! Pajama Day happens two times a year, once every semester. Students and staff who want to participate can wear any sleepwear they want to! This semester, Pajama Day overlaps with Crazy Sock Day, where students can wear any crazy socks that they want to show off. It is a chance for people to celebrate school spirit and have fun with their friends!

Today, many students didn’t even change into fresh new pajamas when they woke up the morning! It gave kids a chance to relax in the last couple days of school and have a less busy morning.

For crazy sock day, people pulled out their funniest socks to show!

“I wore some comfy gray pajama shorts and a comfy sweater, and it was really relaxing to just roll out of bed and know that I’ll be comfy the whole day, just like I was the night before,” reminisced Hana Ulep.

“I am going to get up and I am not going to change,” stated Talia Honikman the day prior.

“They [my socks] are a gigantic red lobster and they make me feel eccentric!” exclaimed Alice Gipe.

Although not everybody dressed up, it was still a great day. Make sure to participate in Pajama Day at school next year!

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