Refreshing Summer Snacks

by Hana Ulep

Since school is coming to an end, summer is right around the corner. And with summer comes hot weather! We all know it can be difficult to stay cool in the heat, so here are some refreshing, healthy, and easy snacks to make the summer heat easier to enjoy.

  1. The first snack is a delicious strawberry banana smoothie that is extremely easy and quick to make. It can also be interpreted in lots of different ways by replacing any of the ingredients (such as the fruit) with any other variations. A tasty variation would be to replace the strawberries with ½ cup fresh or frozen blueberries!


-2 frozen bananas broken into pieces

-2 fresh or frozen strawberries

-as much almond milk needed to make it smooth and creamy

Blend all of these together in a blender and enjoy this cold and yummy treat!

  1. Next is similar to the step before: smoothie bowl or “nice cream.”


-any fresh or frozen fruit

-frozen bananas

-(optional) almond milk if the smoothie needs to be smoother

Blend all of these in either a food processor or a high speed blender until it is smooth but thick. Serve in a bowl with toppings of choice, such as fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and more. This snack is filling and can also have some protein depending on the toppings to give you energy as well.

  1. The next snack is the simplest of them all: frozen grapes. This one-ingredient snack is like a mini popsicle in each bite and definitely cools you down on a hot day. This snack can also be varied by freezing any fruit of choice (bananas, strawberries, or kiwis for example). Taking this a step further, the fruit could be put on a stick and even drizzled with chocolate to make it even sweeter.
  1. Another cold treat are popsicles with fruit inside.


-any fruit (cut into pieces)

-coconut water (or juice, or any other liquid)

-popsicle molds

Pour the coconut water into the popsicle mold, place the cut fruit into it, and let it freeze overnight. Once they are frozen you will have light and refreshing fruity popsicles that look extra pretty as the coconut water allows you to see the fruit inside through it.


These snacks are all very easy and refreshing for the hot weather. They are also fun to make with friends or by yourself and a good summer activity. Enjoy!

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