Upcoming Santa Barbara Bowl Concerts


by Hana Ulep


The Santa Barbara Bowl is a beautiful venue here in Santa Barbara. Many musicians and performers have come to it to play songs or perform their work, and there will be lots of performers to come during the upcoming summer. Here are the musicians coming this summer and the dates:

-Bob Dylan on June 11th

-Slightly Stoopid on June 26th

-Flight of the Conchords on July 1st

-A variety of popular musicians from the ‘90s called “I Love the ‘90s” on July 3rd

-Goo Goo Dolls on July 16th

-Bonnie Raitt on July 29th

-Ryan Adams and The Shining on August 4th

-Weezer and Panic! At the Disco on August 5th

-Mariachi Band on August 6th

-Rebelution on August 13th

-Steve Martin and Martin Short on August 14th

All of these musicians will be very fun to see so make sure to check out attending if you are interested!

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