Yearbook Signing


by Hana Ulep

Yearbooks have arrived here at Santa Barbara Junior High School! With that means all the yearbooks are going around and classmates are signing them, reflecting back on all the great memories that the year held.

A common trend when signing yearbooks is writing about the past year and all the fun experiences that people had with each other, but there are some people who sign inconsiderately and write mean or inappropriate comments. This year, Santa Barbara Junior High School has decided to stop this problem by saying that anybody who does these things will have to pay for another yearbook for the person who’s yearbook got the comments written in. Make sure to think before you write, because these yearbooks hold so many memories that people look at for years ahead, and surely do not want to read those comments in them.

Yearbooks are such a fun, memory filled item that are very valuable. Signing yearbooks is a very fun activity, so make sure that what you are writing in a classmate’s yearbook is positive and appropriate. Make sure to respect the yearbook that was brought to you! Happy signing!

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