4 Book Series You Need in Your Life


by Isabella Macioce

Picking the right book is never easy. Sometimes there is just too many to choose from. Sometimes you have a few in mind but can’t decide between them and end up bouncing from book to book resulting in an extremely unsatisfactory and anti-reading mood. And worst of all, the everlasting fear that whatever book you choose will be terrible. Everyone is looking for a book to be extraordinary and no one wants to waste all that time on a novel that ended up simply sucking the reading craving right out of you by failing to live up to your standards.

Fear not. I am here. Through endless research, personal experience, several cliffhangers and more than a few tears, I have singled out four of the best series in the universe. Note that I, as a book worm, have extremely high standards, so when I say these 4 books are things of legend, I mean it. These books are series/novels which have left enough of an impact on me that they instantly came to mind when I started writing this article. These are books that have made me cry, laugh like an idiot, and tell my friends ‘it was almost as good as Harry Potter. Basically these books are the bomb. Let’s go.

The first book series is the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. The Lunar Chronicles is a masterpiece of dystopian fiction that somehow manages to fit cyborgs, mutants, aliens, powers, and epic romances into one incredible action series. The world is set in the far future, where the human race has split into Earthens and Lunars, who live on the moon. Lunars have evolved to have strange and controlling powers, which are feared by all Earthens. The first novel tells the story of seventeen year old Cinder, and her turbulent and unjust life, and how she finds out monarch secrets, unknown powers and unexpected romance. Every aspect of this series is pure gold, from the multiple points of view and the everlasting excitement that stays with you the entire series.

Next is Stephanie Perkins series that starts with Anna and the French Kiss. This series has three installments, and can be described as realistic fiction. But what it should be called is realistic romance. Perkins perfectly captures the essence of love in all three of these books. Whether the tale is set in France or San Francisco, each of these books promise a new and exciting story, bound to make you swoon. With stunningly diverse and interesting characters, you will feel yourself falling in love with every aspect of this book. The first book opens up with a boarding school in France, a beautiful boy and a blooming love. From the brilliant connection between characters and plots, Stephanie Perkins series is a must read.

Third on this list is the The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken. This tale is unique in countless ways, with one being the setting. It takes place only a short amount of years after a horrible disease swept America, killing most of the children. Few children survived, and those who did were changed, now with strange powers. They are sent to government run camps, where they are treated like animals, always living in fear. When a young girl manages to use her rare and dangerous power to disguise herself as someone she is not, she walks the line. This book in enticing, creative, and absolutely breathtaking, with an incredible plot and even better sequels.

Out of every book I have ever read, there has been one book that has stood out to me the most. Not because it is drastically better than any of these, but because its style and feel is so different, and so exciting. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer could be described as horror, but it is so much more than that. It has passed the expectation of a scary story by giving it several more dimension. It is a love story, a tragedy, and a comedy, all while keeping you tucked in under the blankets. The main character underwent an extreme trauma when the building her and her friends were in collapsed on top of them, and she was the only one who survived. Mara suffers from PTSD, and hallucinations follow her everywhere. However, things start happening, things that can’t be hallucinations. She starts making things happen, things she knows are impossible. To make the situation even worse, no one seems to believe her. Her parents and brothers blame it on her PTSD, and she cant press the issue for fear of being labeled as insane. And then she meets Noah Shaw, the seemingly uncaring and gorgeous boy who somehow knows exactly what she is going through. Together they try to figure out what is going on, and what they can do. They discover dangerous secrets and terrifying pasts, all while being drawn towards each other in the most confusing way possible. The these three books will take you on an unbelievable journey, where everything is unpredictable, everything makes your heart skip a beat, and no one is one hundred percent trustworthy.

Each of these series will completely entice and draw you in. Their characters, writing and outstanding plotlines make for some of the best Young Adult stories I have ever read. Stories are an important part of our lives, and there are some that leave a bigger imprint than others. Some stories will always remain in your mind, following us around and reminding us what a great book is. These books are those stories, and if you decide to read them, be prepared to be addicted.

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