Eighth Grade Promotion Party!


Our pictures with Mr. Shelton at the photo booth!

by Hana Ulep and Hailey Zheng

The 8th grade promotion party took place here at Santa Barbara Junior High School yesterday during the school day. After practicing promotion, the class of 2016 headed down to the back field, where lots of fun was held.

The party started at noon, and lunch was provided. There was pizza, salad, chips, many sweet treats like donuts, cookies, and brownies, and drink refreshments. On the field, many games and bouncy houses were set up for enjoyment. There was a big bouncy castle where people could race with their friends through obstacles and a huge Velcro wall where people put on suits, jumped, and stuck to the walls. A game where a ball was thrown, and if it landed on a number, you get those points. People could race their friends, too! There was also a place for people to sumo-wrestle with their friends in giant suits! More games and fun was supplied as well.

A DJ from 103.3 “The Vibe” played modern hits and remixes from artists such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift. The music attracted many eighth graders who showed off their dance moves with their friends.

Next to the DJ’s setup was a photo booth. It printed out two pictures for free! A table was set up with props and costumes, like wigs and glasses, where anyone in the picture could dress up! Many kids had fun with their pictures and will cherish the photos to commemorate their eighth grade years forever.
The eighth grade promotion party was a huge success, and to any seventh graders going in the eighth grade next year, hold on to your eighth grade memories as best you can and go to the promotion party for a blast!

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