Highlights of the Seventh Grade

by Olivia McCafferty

At the beginning of the year, we came to Santa Barbara Junior High as little seventh graders, which was a bit scary, considering how big of a school it is. I had no idea what this new school had in store for me. As the year went by, I learned so much and made so many new friends and memories. These are some of my favorite seventh grade experiences.

Taking part in the Fall and Spring theatre productions were big highlights of my year. During the Fall show, Romeo and Pirouette, I was on the crew doing sound, but during The Rules of Comedy in the Spring, I was in the cast. I played Hamlet’s friend, Guildenstern, and a few other small, action-filled roles. Both experiences were different, and I can’t wait to do it again next year. It will be exciting to have a fresh group of students joining the class, and I think it will be interesting to be a role model for the new students. I think anyone who may have been nervous to try it this year or just didn’t want to, should try it next year.

Another thing that I enjoyed this year was the Renaissance Faire. All year, the teachers talked about how exciting it was and that we wouldn’t want to miss it, and they weren’t wrong! I dressed up with some of my friends and we got to participate in activities like the fashion show Mr. Zeledon put on towards the end of the Faire. There were booths with games like the prison booth, where you had to sing a song to get out of the “prison,” and tug of war. Others hosted booths where you could buy garlands, get a henna tattoo, or make potions by using your tickets. I had no idea what to expect, but in the end, this year’s Renaissance Faire did not disappoint.

When the second semester began, I decided to change my elective to Journalism. I had a few friends in this class that all told me great things about it. I’m so glad I made the choice to join the class. We get to work on special projects like making the yearbook, and I loved writing for the Condor Press because everyone was so creative and talented. I’m so excited about Journalism next year because Mr. Shelton and the rest of the class are so welcoming.

Finally, the first day of school was a day I will never forget! It felt good to reconnect with friends from my old school and meet new people, too. It wasn’t as scary as I imagined it would be. I had no idea how much fun I would end up having this year and how important some of these experiences would be to me. This was one out of many first days of school, but I’m so proud of how much I’ve done and changed since then.

I’m sad that I only have one more year at this school, but I’m happy that I’ve made so many good memories. I’m looking forward to making more, and I hope that several other people had a great year as well.

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