Welcome Back 8th Graders, Hello New Sevies


By Jocelyn Gallardo

Welcome to Santa Barbara Junior High School! Whether or not this is your first year here, I hope that this transition into 7th/8th grade has been smooth so far. I am sure you are that there are some students still complaining over the end of summer break, but get over it because school has now arrived! This school year is going to be full of new friends, fun and silly memories to look back on, great adventures big and small, and incredible learning experiences both academic and social.

For all the sevies nervous about what this new school year may have in store, relax, you have no reason to feel that way. 7th grade is a wonderful opportunity that cannot be fully experienced if you’re hiding behind your hands the whole time. All of the 7th grade teachers are well versed and have incredible skills that will make all of the classes enjoyable. The whole routine may seem weird right now, but eventually everything will fall into place. At this time there are only a few pieces of advice that can be, 8th grader to 7th grader:

  1. Make a good, positive group of friends and stick with them. Friends are important things at this age because they make you feel less alone in this new situation.
  2. Pay attention in all of you classes and be on time so you don’t miss anything. This will help immensely especially for test, quizzes, and helping you feel less stressed about anything regarding your academic school life.
  3. Finally, just have fun. You only get to have a 7th grade school year once in you whole life, so make the most of it.

So, there’s really nothing to worry about. Again, if you spend so much time worrying about everything, the whole school year will just fly right past you and you’ll never even know it. You have so many things to look forward to such as some field trips in certain classes like science and AVID and the Renaissance Faire. Just make the most out of the school year that’s presented before you and enjoy it.

Now shifting gears to the 8th graders, you have yet to experience everything 8th grade has in store for you. Most just know there’s the science fair, Civil War Day, and, oh yeah, graduating junior high and moving onto high school. Talk about terrifying. The only things we have are the stories we’ve heard from the 8th graders before us and the little experience we have obtained so far. There are only a few things I can say to you right now:

  1. Just like I told the 7th graders, we should enjoy this last year together as the class of of 2017 at SBJHS. We have so much ahead of us and we should try to make the most of what’s being handed to us.
  2. We should definitely stay on top of what’s happening at school and that doesn’t just include homework. We should be aware of what’s happening around us because those little memories we’ll make are sometimes the best ones ever.
  3. Be good examples. There are 7th graders walking the same halls as we are trying to get grip on what is okay and what’s not, what’s expected of them, and how they should act. We have the opportunity to set the stage for them so they are guaranteed the path to immediate success.
  4. Lastly, we should have a blast this year. It’s our last year as junior high students which means it should be nothing but the best.

8th grade is going to be a great year. We should be proud to be graduating junior high here. We will be handed opportunities that will help us grow and succeed in junior high school, high school, and beyond. This school year will go by in the blink of an eye which is why we should treasure it the most.

In closing, good luck sevies and have a great last year 8th graders!

2 responses to “Welcome Back 8th Graders, Hello New Sevies

  1. Great article Jocelyn! It was full of really good advice while also being fun and welcoming and cool for students to read. I’m glad to see that the condorpress is back in business and that you’ll hopefully redeem last year’s unmet goal. I hope the new batch of sevies are almost as good as you guys were last year, and I’m looking forward to reading at least a hundred ninety-nine more articles. Say hi to all the new journalism eighter-tots for me.
    HI MR. SHELTON!!!!!!!!!!

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