Back To School


By Olivia McCafferty-Cable

Back to school season has fast approached. Even though it seems like summer just started, it’s time to switch back into gear and make this school year great. As the summer adventures begin to come to an end, students start to get their school supplies, and they receive their schedules, as well. The eighth graders are all excited to come back and see their friends, and some are a little sad knowing that this will be their final year at SBJHS. The seventh graders are just leaving elementary school, and junior high seems like a scary, big step at first.

By the second week of school, most people aren’t as nervous anymore. Seventh graders and eighth graders alike have had a chance to meet their teachers and get to their classrooms. They’ve also met their classmates and feel much more comfortable in and outside of class. The hallways seem to be less hectic since there’s no more confusion on where to go. The excitement never completely disappears, but the relaxation in students becomes noticeable.

As a returning student at SBJH, I’m excited to see what this year has in store for my classmates and I. I hope this school begins to feel like home for the seventh grade students soon, and that they feel the same as I do this time next year. I think this will be a great school year for everyone, whether they are new here at SBJHS or not. Hopefully everyone is eager to take part in the school plays, sports, and other wonderful activities we get to experience at SBJHS.

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