Missing The First Day Of School


Joy Patterson and Erick Sanchez

The first day of school is definitely not a great day to miss. Sometimes, it is the first time since the last school year that friends have seen each other. It is the day that students meet their new teachers and find their classes. Students embrace being another year older. It is also a day of constant stress and disorganization for teachers and students alike.

Students might miss the first day of school for a variety of reasons. Such reasons might include a sickness, the end of a vacation, or other sudden or unexpected events. Although students rarely miss the first day of school, it is not unheard of.

Coming back to school a day later than all of the other students can leave these students confused and a bit behind.  Often, this means learning new things a day later than everyone else. Luckily, friends and teachers are there to fill them in.

The first day of school can be full of stress and problems to sort out. With a whole new load of students who are just learning about the school, the hallways can become really crazy. Missing the first day of the school can mean bypassing all of this confusing and coming back to school once everyone is a little more settled in.

“Missing the first day of school definitely had it’s pros and cons,” says an eighth grader journalism student.

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