Preparing For WEB Day


By Emerson McCafferty-Cable

The second day of school, August 23, 2016 at SBJHS was WEB Day. On WEB day, 7th graders got put into groups with one or two 8th grade WEB Leaders. Some of the 8th graders known as WEB Leaders are teacher nominated the previous year for being a leader inside the classroom. Before us 8th graders could become WEB leaders, we had to go through WEB Leader training.

On Saturday, August 20 the weekend before school started, WEB Leaders went to an orientation at school to get more information about what was expected of them as the leaders of the school. This orientation was to teach us the fun games and activities we would play with the incoming 7th graders.

When we arrived, we got our name tags and waited for the exciting day to start. When everyone was there, the organizer of the activities, Patrick started off by introducing himself and explained to us what we were going to be doing. The first activity helped us to get to know everyone.Next, we got split into different groups of people who aren’t necessarily some of our “best friends”. We each got our own folders with information and instructions on each game that we would be leading.

The first game we learned was called “The Straw Challenge”. In this game, everyone in your group would have a straw in their hand and circle up. Then, you would cross your arms over your chest and hold the straw at the tip with your pointer finger. Next, we did multiple challenges in our groups to work on our teamwork skills. The second game we learned was called “Name Ball Scramble”. In this game, they would pass a paper ball around the group and say their name. Then they would play multiple challenges to learn everyone’s name in their group.

Then, we played a couple other games called “My World” and “What’s Your Favorite”. These games helped us get to know each other’s personalities and better connect with each other. Lastly, we played a fun challenging game called “One Left”. In this game the only people that could win were the WEB Leaders. Us WEB Leaders won every time because we knew a strategy that the 7th graders didn’t. The reason for this was to teach them that we have strategies to help us to exceed in school.

Being a WEB Leader has taught me many skills that I will use in my daily life, and hopefully our groups learned the skills we used in the games, as well.

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