Web Day: From A Web Leader’s Perspective

14107881_1142573102466774_4406259756696178061_o 14124997_1142573175800100_276010477570074669_oBy Jocelyn Gallardo

On Tuesday August 23, WEB Day took place. This day was full of great games, good laughs, and student bonding. It was all fun and games for the 7th graders who got to sit back and enjoy the whole experience, but it was a different story for the 8th grade WEB leaders who helped out during the event.

The last Saturday of their summer vacation, all of the 8th graders who were chosen to be WEB leaders at the end of 7th grade all came to SBJHS from 8:00 A.M. to about 3:00 P.M. to be trained by someone named Patrick on all of the activities that were going to take place with the 7th graders on WEB Day. That whole day, they learned how to work as a group and follow specific directions. They also had to practice and learn how to lead all of the games the 7th graders would have to do with them. Overall, it was a long, exciting day and eventually they had everything down and were ready for WEB Day. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough WEB leaders for every group two have to 8th graders, so some of the WEB leaders went solo and had a whole group of about 12  seventh graders all to themselves. Luckily, this wasn’t a big deal for them.

Even though all of the WEB leaders were trained on their job, it didn’t make them feel any less nervous for the big event coming up. So, many of the WEB leaders proceeded to practice everything that was taught to them during the training over the next few days so everything would be perfect for WEB Day.

On WEB Day, all of the 8th grade WEB leaders had to be at the school by 7:30 A.M. so they could prepare everything for the 7th graders. All of the WEB leaders were given bags with all of the materials that they would need for the activities that would take place like one left, name scramble, and what’s your favorite. Finally, WEB Day began.

First, an assembly in the Marjorie Luke Theater took place. All of the 7th graders were greeted by the clapping and cheering of all the WEB leaders as they entered the theater. During the assembly, the 7th graders participated in activities led by Patrick. After all the games were concluded, the WEB leaders were excused. While Patrick stalled for them, they rushed to get their supply bags and were given a place to stand and wait for their group of 7th graders to meet them.  All the groups had a number, and the WEB leaders had to hold them up so their group could find them. When all the 7th graders finally got into the group they were shy and didn’t seem very inclined to do much. So, it was up to the WEB leader to warm them up and get them to participate in the games.

Leading the groups was probably the most nerve racking part because WEB leaders wanted to make sure that they were doing everything right. Also, it was important to try to hold onto the the 7th graders attention, which can be difficult, considering most of them may not know one another very well. Regardless, most of the WEB leaders did this flawlessly.

After the activities had concluded, the WEB leaders took the 7th graders on a tour of the school. The WEB leaders took their group all around the campus and answered any of the questions that they had.

Once the tour finished, the WEB leaders led the 7th graders back to the Luke Theater for the final part of WEB Day. Patrick did a recap of some of the activities that had been done. Then, he went on to explain how we should be bringing people up here at SBJHS and how important that is, especially for the 7th graders. Then, the 7th graders were given permission to walk back to their 1st periods to get their backpacks, and then to join their 4th period class.

Meanwhile, the WEB leaders were still back at the Theater sharing anecdotes from the day and thanking the adults in charge such as Mr. Fredeen, Patrick, and Mr. Garcia. After they were finished with that, they were excused to go to their 4th periods and continue their school day.

As a whole, the whole experience was really rewarding and definitely made us sympathize for our teachers after having to handle a group of 7th graders for just a few hours. If we thought that was hard, imagine doing that all day long, for the whole school year. The WEB leaders enjoyed it, and would happily do it again.

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