First Day of School From A 7th Grader’s Perspective



By Lila Gibson

Walking into the first day of school, along with probably all new 7th graders, I was nervous. Nervous to make new friends, and worried I wouldn’t find my classes. However that soon faded away once I came to first period. My first class is my elective, journalism. Mr. Shelton, the journalism teacher, and all the 8th graders were welcoming to all the 7th graders and soon my first class had passed.

My next period was PE. On my way there I experienced something that was very different than anything I’d ever known before; the rush of all 770 students trying to get to their classes. I was pushed and at one point ended up far away from where my next class was. Finally I made it out to PE. After going to PE,  getting to all my classes was much easier and all my teachers were really nice. Before I knew it, it was lunch.

Lunch was different than it was at my Elementary School. Instead of being supervised by all your teachers, once you were dismissed from your 4th period you were set free to do what you wanted. I ate with my old friends, sharing our summer and first day experiences. We also talked about how Junior High was so much different than what we were used to. For example, we had 6 different classes with a bunch of new people! An obvious difference but one that was very hard to adjust too. Another thing is that at our old school we were used to the school and knew where everything was. However, at this school we weren’t that familiar with this school and most of us got lost at least once. After sharing our stories and finishing lunch, my last two periods were pretty much the same as my other classes, and I ended the day in math with Mrs. Glenn. She was really funny and it was a great ending point for my first day.
Overall, my first day was great! I made new friends and met my new teachers. Everyone was really nice and I think it was a great start to the new school year.

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