By Jessie Logsdon

Warm temperatures, beautiful beaches, and exotic animals. You may think I’m talking about Hawaii, but I’m not. I’m talking about the beautiful land called Panama. You may have heard of the Panama Canal, but did you know that the city around it is a great vacation spot? My family and I went there for my grandma’s birthday and we didn’t want to leave. We toured the cities and the forest. We saw good things, and bad things. We saw the rich and the poor. It was very eye-opening. It’s crazy how one second you can be in the big city surrounded by skyscrapers, and the next, you are in the middle of the rainforest with a sloth above your head.

There are many transportation options in Panama. Although a lot of people drive, you may find yourself on a bus, bike, or even a boat. Taking a bus is popular for sightseeing. They have many tour busses that are really fun to ride. A lot of people like to ride bikes around the city. It is a very pretty view so I can understand why. The prettiest and coolest way to get around is a boat. The boats have rows of seats and a roof for shade. The boats are used for getting back and forth from the city to the forest.

Here in California, we see many awesome animals. Bears, Dolphins, etc. But in Panama, the animals are much more exotic. Sloths, alligators, toucans, and even Jaguars. Just taking a walk I saw a bird-sized butterfly, a monkey, and a toucan. One night, I was swimming in the pool and I saw something small jump into the other side of the pool. Turns out that at night all the frogs like to swim with you. So I swam with frogs.

One of the coolest things about Panama are the Native People. The Native People are Spanish speaking people who live deep in the rain forest. They live in houses made of straw, wear nothing but one scrap of fabric, and perform lively tribal dances. If you go on the Native Land tour, you get dropped off at their village and they perform for you. We watched them sing and dance and then we were able to buy things from them. Although this was one of my favorite days at the island, most people believe that this is a giant hoax. They think it is just a way for the island to get more money.  But I believe that it is just  the Native people’s way of keeping their traditions alive.

Panama City is a beautiful City. If you are looking for an exotic place to go, I highly suggest it. My family and I had a trip full of adventure, wonder, and love. While I was there I fell in love with the city and I plan to return.

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