How I Got Into Video Making


By Somerset New-Stein

It was 4th grade and the last week of school was approaching fast. I sat at my desk, bundled up in a large pile of thick blankets. My friend Daniel had just introduced me to YouTube the previous summer, and everyday after school, I would finish my homework, have dinner, and then start to burn through the millions upon millions of hours of content on YouTube. That night something clicked, I watched a video of someone talking about an experience he had and I thought,”I could do that!”

So opened up the Photo Booth app on my computer, and started to record. I remember I talked about how school was almost over and how excited I was to hang out with all my friends. I clicked the stop button and realized I had no idea how to upload a YouTube video. So I looked up how to upload and then posted my first video onto YouTube. It wasn’t a great video (I didn’t edit it whatsoever), actually looking back it was pretty bad, but it was my first video. From then on I would go to school, finish my homework, eat dinner, and then record videos. I recorded so much in fact that my computer almost crashed because it had so many video files on it.

Little by little the quality of my videos started to improve. I learned how to edit, I got a new camera with a better microphone, and also  learned how to be less awkward on camera. Making videos is an amazing experience. You can make whatever you want as long as you can think of it. I am still making YouTube videos and it has been over 3 years! It also prepared you for making movies, and tv shows. My mom and dad are both trained actors/writers and someday I hope I can do what they do.

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