Stranger Things Review


By Somerset New-Stein

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this show I just want to start out saying I love this show, and also there will be spoilers.

Stranger Things takes place in 1983 where a kid named Will is taken by a monster (who is from another dimension) called the Demigorgon — causing his friends Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, a police chief (Chief Hopper), and his mother Joyce, to all go on a search to find him. A strange girl (Eleven) with telekinetic powers comes out of the woods, and she helps Mike, Dustin, and Lucas to find Will. Stranger Things is a Netflix only show, so if you don’t have a subscription to it, I would get on that.

Parts of the Show I Like:    Stranger Things’ strong point is its wide variety of characters with different views. With most movies or TV shows with lots of characters it feels like you never get to know them well, because there are so many but not enough time to introduce them all (*COUGH Suicide Squad *COUGH). But in Stranger Things you get to know the characters’ ideals and personalities episode by episode without feeling like it’s been crammed in.

Another thing I love is the visual effects. The effects for the monster are amazing. I remember when I first saw what the monster looked like, I was astonished and extremely scared at the same time. If the special effects for Stranger Things weren’t as good then I don’t think the series would have picked up the same amount of steam.

I love horror, and am not scared easily. But Stranger Things has a interesting way of frightening  you. With most thriller/horror movies and TV shows, they do it with jump scares and cheap tricks. But Stranger Things scares you slowly and methodically. It starts out with a small amount of thrills that would not necessarily scare you, but by the end you’ll be a baby again. A particularly scary moment from the show is when Will’s mom (Joyce) contacts Will in the Upsidown (the dimension where the Demigorgon lives) by using lights with letters under them. Will can blink the lights to form sentences. Will says that he’s scared and that something’s chasing him. When Joyce asks what she should do, he communicates one word… “RUN.” Then a giant monster starts to push its way through the wall. Now that is how you scare someone.

Aspects of the Show I Don’t Like:

One of my only complaints about Stranger Things is how long it takes for it to get started. I only started to get really into it by episode four. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but there are only eight episodes (so far) and each one is forty-five minutes long. But if you’re patient, you’ll get through the first episodes and onto the exciting stuff.

Another thing I don’t like is Barbara (*Alert Spoilers!). Barbara is a friend of Nancy, who is the sister of Mike. She’s another person that the monster takes, after Will. Her character doesn’t stand out whatsoever among the vast expanse of interesting and different characters. She is and isn’t necessary to the plot. She’s unnecessary because she’s just a random character that has a limited amount of screen time, for only a little bit of one episode. But she’s necessary because she gets Nancy and Jonathan (Will’s brother) to become a part of the hunt for the monster.

My Final Thoughts:

Stranger Things is a great TV show. It has great characters, amazing visual effects, and most of all a really good plot. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you really stick with it by the end you’ll know why I recommend it so highly. Does it have its flaws? Yes, but there are a lot more good things about it then there are bad. If I were to give this show a rating, I would give it an 8 (½)/10.  I would highly recommend Stranger Things to everybody, but most of all to people who love a good scare.

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