WEB Day From A 7th Grader’s Perspective


By Alessa Manzo

Web day was the second day of school. Your first period class teacher would tell you about web day on the first day of school. Web day is when you go to your first period class for a couple of minutes and then a staff members would take you downstairs to find you name tag. Once you find your name tag the staff members tell you to go outside for a couple of minutes.

Once everyone got outside they would tell you to go back inside the Major Luke Theater and sit down. In there they were telling us about events..etc.at Santa Barbara Junior High. After all of that, they said go outside and  find your number that’s on your name tag.

When everyone was done you were with two web leaders. The web leaders would tell you to sit down. They were talking about why they are a web leaders, and after they were done talking about why they became a web leader we played games.

The games that we played were fun. One game we played had two paper balls and you would pass them and when you had the ball, you would say your name. The second thing that we did was on paper. On the paper wrote down what our favorite chocolate was,  favorite thing to do, our hobbies, our  favorite movie or tv show and things you have not done but want to do. Once everyone was done writing, you would get a partner and tell them what you wrote on you paper. Once you told your partner what you wrote you would go to another partner and tell them what you wrote. After all of the games were done your web leader would give you candy. You would only get candy if your web leaders bought candy for your group. Once your web leader gave you candy you would go inside with them and get a tour.

Once you were on the tour some of the web leaders would say “ Oh well that’s a class and that’s another class” and once they say that, you get bored and just want to fall asleep. Once your web leader were doing taking the tour with you the staff member would tell you to go in the theater and sit with your group. Someone would talk to you and say that  Santa Barbara Junior High is amazing. After that you would go to your first class and get your backpack and go to your fourth class.

Overall web day is fun and it was amazing and I won’t forget it. GO CONDORS!!

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