All About ASB


By Jocelyn Gallardo

ASB stands for the Associated Student Body. Mr. Madrigal, Mrs. Mezzetta, and Mr. Ogle are in charge of it, but it is run entirely by a select group of 8th and 7th grade students. 8th graders that were nominated by teacher during their 7th grade year have the opportunity to run for one of the offices such as, President, Vice President, Secretary, Sergeant of Arms, or Treasurer. All of the 8th graders who have this privilege were told to come to a meeting at the Globe Theater on Friday August 26 during lunch. While only some people chose to run for one of the main jobs/offices, there are a great deal more students involved in ASB.

For anyone who doesn’t feel like running for a position, they can choose to just be a part of ASB. This means that even though they don’t have an official title, they still have to attend the meetings, which are on Tuesdays during lunch.

These students are also expected to help with any events planned/coordinated by ASB and follow certain guidelines. For example, maintaining a good Grade Point Average (GPA), following the dress code, practicing the school rules, and just being an overall good student/peer. All these rules and more apply to the officers as well, but they are almost exactly the same.

ASB is in charge of choosing which of the clubs should be instigated into the school, spirit days, and school dances. They are also all of the students out there selling tickets for the Renaissance Faire, the ones selling holiday grams, and the ones who make most of the posters out in the hallway. All of the students in ASB are dedicated and are excited about serving SBJHS, but before ASB can actually kick-off this brand new school year with a brand new group of students, officers need to be elected.

At the beginning of the school year, all of the 8th graders who want to run for an office have to fill out an application. Then, after going over all the terms and conditions of running, the voting takes place. In the multipurpose room, iPads will be set up and all of the 8th graders are allowed to vote for who they would like in each office. Each student is only allowed one vote per office, and once all of the votes are in the ASB officers are announced. The day that the voting will take place is still to be announced, but will happen soon.

In summary, ASBis a group of well rounded students from all over campus life that have chosen to come together and represent our school. So, let’s get out there and support our student body. Go Condors!

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