ASB Elections


By Simona Zaunius

The Assisted Student Body elections are coming up! In case you’ve forgotten, ASB is a student council that plans spirit days, dances, canned food drives, and comes up with ways to make our school better. The elections will take place in the cafeteria on Friday, September 9th, which is today! There will be election stations set up with iPads. Two years ago, the voters were exclusively 7th graders. To avoid this situation, only eighth graders can vote this year. The election form will also go up on NEO, in case you can’t make it during lunch.

When I asked Mrs. Mezzetta what to look for in a candidate, she stated “Someone who is enthusiastic… basically someone who is going to want to do fun things like dress-up days, and staff versus student games and music at lunch and things like that.”

There are 5 positions. The first, President, is the person who runs the meetings and takes votes on things. The Vice President takes over if the President is absent and writes the “Day in Histories”, which sometimes take place instead of the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Treasurer is in charge of club funding, (“…like if Nail Club wants to buy nail polish” Mrs. Mezzetta suggested). The Secretary takes notes at the meeting. Sergeant-at-Arms is the person that reads the announcements.

8th graders, come to the cafeteria on Friday and choose who you want to represent our school! We hope to see you there!

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